Monday, January 26, 2009

Puke, Spilled Milk, and Little Cleaner Uppers

Word of the Week:


This word was worked into many convos this week. Once Gracie told us (again) that she puked at Grandma's, everyone else had to compete with similar stories. It seemed to be a contest of who could use that word the most in a sentence, a conversation, and a day. Usually these conversations occurred during meals and snacks. Very appetizing.

Crying Over Spilled Milk

If you've ever wondered how we go through dozens of dish cloths each day... wonder no more. Every time I use one for any purpose, it goes in the laundry room or if we're using them one after the other, I'll stack the dirty ones in the sink or at the back of the sink until I can get them to the laundry room.
That fact and my fear of going to the bathroom (Not a fear of the germs and random puddles of pee, but a fear of what is happening in the house when I'm in the bathroom!) combined one day this week when I walked out of the bathroom to see 2 yr. old Andrew politely wiping up the glass of milk he'd spilled on the floor while I was in the bathroom.
Apparently, he'd reached up to the edge of the sink, gotten a wet dish cloth, and began to mop up the spilled milk on the floor. He then lifted the sopping wet, milky, dripping cloth to the table and swished around that milk, then carried the still dripping dish cloth to the sink and set it on the edge. He gave me the biggest smile, and was so proud of himself for cleaning up the mess. I thanked him and told him what a good job he'd done.
Then, yes, I thoroughly cleaned everything.
Here's my fear - What if he'd finished "cleaning" before I got out of the bathroom. I never would have known why there was milk everywhere (including running down the cabinet front), or all the places the dish cloth had been used. That's why we don't reuse the dish cloths!

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