Monday, January 12, 2009

Just 'cause.... and Illiterate Literacy

Word of the Week:

'cause - This word, along with a shoulder shrug, is the reason /explanation for everything that happens around here.

Recently, Aidan saw his name written in all capital letters. Not used to seeing this, he said (sounding like a future rapper), "This looks like my name, but my name has a A to the I to the D to the A to the N". Too funny.

I've noticed, lately, a lot of nouns used as verbs. Has it always been this way, or is it on the increase?
For example, "We roommated in college.", and "I.M. me later". How would an English teacher break down these sentences?!
And while I'm on the subject.... Oh, the downfall of the written word! I was reading a Scholastic book to the kids recently, and one of the words in it was "sorta"! As in "I sorta want to go". Who proofreads these before they're published?! Are they hiring?
Another book used the wrong word entirely. The sentence was something like this - "As he past the goal line..." It should be "passed".
Another problem - should of, could of, would of used instead of should have, could have, would have.
Another problem - Books, especially children's books with incomplete sentences.

Please don't point out all my mistakes in my blog. I know I'm not perfect, but I expect companies who are in the business of publishing books to have them properly proofread before publishing them for millions of people to read.

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Me-Me King said...

Very clever post and oh so true. I love the Aidan rap.