Friday, January 2, 2009

Day Care Christmas

We had a short and sweet day care Christmas party. They each took a bite of their treats I'd spent hours laboring over, and a sip from their holiday punch I'd specially prepared ( Ok, it was just Lil Debbie snack cakes and juice pouches...), and they ripped open the present I'd gotten each of them. Party over.

I'd gotten Carter and Aiden walkie talkie sets (I even remembered to get batteries!). After they opened their presents. I began showing them how the walkie talkies work. I let loose my entire repertoire of CB language. It went something like this - " 10-4 Good buddy. This here's Rubber Ducky. I'm headin' into Chi-Town, where there's Smokies as thick as bugs on a bumper. They even have a bear in the air. We'll crash the gate doin' 98. Let those truckers roll! Negatory, Pig Pen. Catch ya on the flip flop. 10-4, roger, over and out." (Ok, so my CB language repertoire is all from the 70s song Convoy.)

After all that recitation, the only thing the kids picked up on was..... roger. They began screaming into the walkie talkies, "Can you hear me, Roger? Roger, can you hear me?"

I think they'll have fun with them, especially when they finally realize the walkie talkie doesn't need be smashed into their mouths in order for them to talk into it. And if they'll talk into it, not shout. Everything came out sounding like, "mmsh aaaggg cccurrzzz gglliissskkll, rroggggerrr?"

The girls enjoyed their Barbies. No explanation needed.

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