Friday, September 25, 2009

Spiders, Scissors, Monster Trucks, and Poopy Diapers!

We had a bit of excitement last week when I realized Allison, 18 mos., wasn’t poking at the morning glories growing on the fence, she was poking the back of a black widow spider! Thankfully, she didn’t get bitten! That did, however, prompt a call to
the “bug man” to spray the house and yard.

We’ve been finishing coloring, cutting, and gluing the 5 Little Monkeys pages. We’re now working on a Home Sweet Home booklet about animals homes. Progress is slow.
Coloring is not a favorite activity with this group. Playing with scissors, smearing glue sticks, and chewing up crayons rank much higher!

When we’ve come inside late in the afternoon, my husband has turned the tv to Monster Trucks! Allison will squeal in a high-pitched voice, while the boys grunt and shout, “Oh, Man! Oh, Man!”.
April, 18 mos., positions herself in the playroom where she can peek into the living room at the tv. She is so scared, her entire body is shaking! But she just can’t seem to pull her eyes away from the action - like trying not to watch a train wreck as it's happening! I try to position myself between her and the tv, but she always moves to see around me! Can't resist the scare factor!

Allison is also afraid of walking across the back deck. She’s afraid she’ll fall through the ½” cracks between the boards! She’s ok, if she’s holding your hand. Otherwise, she gets on all fours and crawls across it! So cute!

Aidan, Andy, and Kevin are getting along well. Usually three is not a good number - 2 seem to team up and leave out the 3rd, and the one who’s left out is constantly changing. In this case, there actually seems to be less arguing when the three are together than when there are just two boys. Yeah!

Allison has been very helpful. When she saw me gather the white bags full of recyclables
and carry them to the van, she decided to help. When I got back to the porch,
she handed me another white bag. Unfortunately, this bag was full of poopy diapers. It went the other direction - to the dumpster.

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