Friday, September 25, 2009

Legos, Dora, and Animal Charades

The kids played with mini Legos one day this week. I thought I’d be pulling Legos from twin girls, Allison and April's, mouths like a dentist pulling teeth for dentures! Actually, the “older” kids were very good about keeping the Legos on the table, and away from the twin vacuums!

Dora Dancerella DVD - This set comes with a DVD, a mat, a Dora outfit, and 2 very loud maracas. To begin with, everyone wanted those maracas (I got out pom poms for those awaiting their turn with the maracas, but the pom poms just weren’t loud enough!) Allison wore the pink Dora shirt, while April wore the orange Dora shorts. Andy got first turn with the mat and maracas. He followed along and did the required movements, but soon realized he could just sit in the recliner and watch the movie without the interruption of having to move! Soon everyone just stood in place and watched it…. except when they glanced my way while I was doing the Pirate Dance and trying to get them to join in…

Animal Charades - Everyone takes turns drawing a card with a picture of an animal on it and acting it out until someone guesses what animal they are. The problem is they all seem to either hop or walk around on all fours no matter what their animal is! So, I have to start giving clues about what their animal looks like, what sounds it makes, what family of animals it belongs to, what environment it lives in, etc. They really just want to hop and run!

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