Tuesday, October 28, 2008

That Better? That Better?

While I was cooking lunch, I told 3 yr. old Taryn that she needed to take the doll stroller she was playing with and get out of the kitchen. She pushed the stroller about 6 inches away from the stove and said, "That better?". Each time I told her to take it out of the kitchen, she would push it about 6 more inches and say, "That better?". 6 more inches, "That better?". 6 more inches, "That better?". And she seriously thought it was better each time.


Girls Chandler and Addy were pretending to be "chillerators" (cheerleaders to the rest of us), when they began bowing down to each other while saying, "Your ministry, your ministry" (Your majesty to the rest of us).



M.Y said...
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M.Y said...

Kids are amazingly precious blessings!